Artwork by TechnoClove

Album Artwork for _The_Ch@nge_

_The_Ch@nge_ is a collaborative album led by Vinyl Darkscratch that dives deeper into what it's like being a cyborg. Or, rather, what it's like to be forced into becoming a cyborg. And on top of that, already being quite different from others, and having a somewhat large amount of evil within. All of this, and more, Vinyl has to face every day, causing distress, anxiety, and other devastating emotions.

The album itself features various genres of music, from pure ambiance to hard dubstep wobbles, to progressive trance, to vocals and fast rap. Each of it's songs brings a new layer of improvement and hidden development to the story, which can be interpereted in various ways. Without the help of Extrodar, Stagetechy, Abstrakt, Arctic Frost, Lisa Florentino, Kilauea Productions, Grimm Cipher, J Brewzy, TechnoClove, and so many more, Vinyl doesn't think she would ever have been able to make the album the way it is now.

Vadu, sleeping on her back, and listening to music through her headphones.