Here, you can find all of our digital assets, such as variations of our logo, character reference sheets, stem packs for remixing our released songs, and more. As we continue to create more content, this page will continue to grow, as more content is added based upon our ideas of what is best to release. But of course, what if there's something that isn't here, yet you wish for? No worries, just send us a message requesting an asset, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Please make sure to give us credit by tagging us on your favorite social media, or mentioning our name and providing a link to our site. We want to see your own content, and we may even feature it on our own profiles!

Studio Logo Variations

Without Text White Text Black Text

Reference Sheets

Vadu Nightwave

Reference sheet for Vadu Nightwave.

Kunsdessin Nightwave

Reference sheet for Kunsdessin Nightwave.

Luka Mango

Reference sheet for Luka Mango.

Vadu, sleeping on her back, and listening to music through her headphones.